Chrissie Hosking MA, CTA, PTSTA

Counsellor, Therapist and Supervisor

Telephone: 07968 253619


  1. Psychotherapy/Counselling Supervision

Based on my values of the intrinsic worth of people, and of OK-OK relationships, I see the purpose of supervision as being to ensure that you become the best practitioner possible, through being

'Held, listened to, encouraged,

Challenged, confronted, stimulated,

Disciplined, informed, answerable.'

[Houston, 1990]

This accounts the needs of you as supervisee, your clients and the ethical requirements of our profession.

I hold a Certificate in Supervision (2006) and a Diploma in the Practice of Supervision (2009).

I have been endorsed since 2009 by EATA to supervise and train (PTSTA).

I offer supervision to qualified counsellors, trainee psychotherapists, and counsellors, and to those for whom interpersonal relationships from a significant part of their role at work.

  1. Pastoral Supervision

I am a senior accredited supervisor with APSE, as well as a trainer in Pastoral Supervision with IPCS.

Pastoral supervision is defined as: a regular, planned, intentional and boundaried space. It is relational, spiritually/theologically rich, psychologically informed and contextually sensitive. For a more detailed description go to the APSE website:

I offer pastoral supervision to ministers of religion and to others for whom interpersonal relationships in a spiritual context form a significant part of their role.

  1. EMDR Supervision/Consultancy

I am an EMDR-Europe accredited EMDR Consultan and Supervisor. As well as providing client supervision for those who have completed a recognised training in EMDR, I support fellow EMDR therapists on their journey towards formal accreditation as practitioners.